Capture screen colors instantly

2007/07/20 |

Fellow web and graphic designers will know how annoying it is to have to switch to Photoshop everytime we need to check the color code for an onscreen color. How much more convenient and productive it would be if you could just click directly on the color anywhere on the screen and be able to capture that color code straightaway. Now there is a tool that does just that.

AdesClrPicker is a powerful color picker application that allows you to capture any screen color simply by clicking on it. The last 10 colors captured are stored in HTML, RGB, C++, VB and Delphi in a Color Library so you refer back to them as needed where you can switch from one code to another easily - a real time-saver. The color codes can be conveniently displayed in a draggable, floating menu which stays on top of other windows for easy access.

AdesClrPicker is up to Version 2.0 which has added functions like an improved interface with hue and color adjustment sliders. The great thing about it is that the application is only a tiny 1.04MB in size. The bad thing about it is that is only for Windows users, so I don’t get to try it out. Ades, if you’re reading this, please develop a Mac version.