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2007/06/09 |

Make Money Online with

PayU2Blog pays you to post on your own blog. The site design and lack of detailed information seems a little amateurish but it is definitely not a scam and many have written positively about it. They also seem to be more welcoming of newer blogs without the PageRank and traffic pre-requisites. In fact, “mom bloggers” are welcome. Blog marketing is big business and PayU2Blog provides advertisers with bloggers to create buzz in the blogosphere for their products and services.

How It Works
1. Submit your details and blog for assessment.
2. Free wordpress no longer allow links out required by paid posts.
3. You are paid US$5 per assignment.
4. Posts have to meet requirements before they are paid.
5. While it is not necessary to endorse the product, negative posts are not allowed.
6. There is no maximum number of assignments you can have, it all depends on availability and timing.

1. Blogs need not have a PageRank to qualify.
2. New blogs will be assessed on a case by case basis.
3. Posts must relate to the assignment in a personal way.
4. Assignment topics range from real estate to medical but no objectionable subject matter such as porn will be assigned.

Payment is made by PayPal once every two weeks.

PayU2Blog has stated clearly that if your blog is a how-to-make-money blog, you are very unlikely to be accepted. They do not want these kinds of blogs.