Bidvertiser - Alternative to AdSense

2007/06/18 |

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I joined the Bidvertiser advertising program recently to further monetize my blog, as you can see from the list of ads in the right column. After months of resisting this kind of PayPerClick advertising to make money online, I think this blog has finally reached the traffic level that may actually see some clicks. Some of you may ask why Bidvertiser and not Google AdSense?

Google AdSense Still Rules

Despite numerous negative reports of cancelled accounts and a long list of rules and regulations for members, Google AdSense is still the undisputed king of contextual advertising. Why?
1. They have the largest network of advertisers which in turn translate into higher amounts of payperclick.
2. They have the widest range of advertisers in relevant categories which means you are likely to get more advertisers.

How does Bidvertiser measure up?

Admittedly, Bidvertiser has a comparatively smaller number of advertisers which may mean the same 10 advertisers appear on your blog. However a feature that I like is that you get to screen and select the advertiser you want instead of relying on keywords, so chances of the odd irrelevant advertiser appearing is minimised.

Another feature which I like is the highly customizable ad units. In addition to a good number of preset ad units to choose from such as banners, skyscrapers and rectangles, there is also a free design where you get to customize the ad size, colours for text, border and background. You can also specify the number of ads to appear in the ad unit.

Bidvertiser has a low payout minimum of USD10.00 via PayPalwhich makes it ideal for sites which do not have high traffic levels. Reaching payout every month is not an impossible task, compared to the USD100.00 minimum from AdSense. In addition, Google only pays by cheque which means more cost, hassle and waiting for the cheque to be processed for international members.

What I don’t like about Bidvertiser

Apart from the obvious small number of advertisers, the navigation of the Bidvertiser site itself can be very confusing for new members. Despite instructions, new members will need a little time to figure out how the system works. I know of some members who were so frustrated by the site nav, they just gave up and used another monetizing ad system.

Bidvertiser is a good place to start

If you’re thinking of putting some ads on your blog, Bidvertiser is suitable for sites with mid-level traffic. Once your traffic reaches higher levels, you can then move on to AdSense. For those whose AdSense accounts got cancelled, this is an alternative you may want to try in conjunction with your other monetizing ad programs.