Agloco Viewbar ready but where are the ads?

2007/06/19 |

Just over a week a go, Agloco sent me an email saying that their Viewbar was ready for downloading. Members have reported being unable to log in probably due to the rush to download thus causing a server jam. Agloco has long been in the centre of controversy with the blogging community equally divided on its viability.

By a bare-bones definition, Agloco is a get paid to surf MLM scheme where members download and install an application - the Viewbar which tracks and pays them for their surfing activity. Sounds straight forward enough, hence the tens of thousands who have registered for this make money online program.

The Agloco program has been in pre-launch for the longest time, signing on members through generous affiliate payouts without any indication of exactly when payouts would be made. Indeed, the Viewbar itself did not appear to have a schedule to launch.

What I don’t like about Agloco

1. The Viewbar is finally launched - only to a certain group of members and without the ads which are supposed to appear contextually as members surfed. Has the Viewbar been launched earlier to placate both members and critics?

2. The Viewbar itself is a cause for concern as being spyware.

3. Only a maximum of 5 hours of surfing a month are paid. So do you uninstall the Viewbar after the 5 hours? Very unlikely. Do advertisers then have free advertising after 5 hours?

4. There is no clear cut pay formula: No. of Hours = X Dollar Amount. According to the TOS, “Agloco reserves the right to change the [conversion] rates at any time”.

5. If “converted”, your hours spent surfing will be paid in “shares”. Since it is not listed on any stock exchange, it is not clear what “shares” are defined as.

6. Do not expect any payment for the first few months - from their email - “do not expect a check after the first couple of months as it will take time to collect revenue from advertisers and this revenue must exceed costs in order to make cash distributions to Members.” That means don’t expect to get paid if they don’t make money.

7. Agloco can change the rules anytime. From their TOS “You agree that AGLOCO™ may revise these terms from time to time. We will notify You of such revisions and provide You with the opportunity to review such revisions and to either accept or decline to accept the updated Membership Agreement. If You decline to accept the updated Membership Agreement, We shall terminate your Membership effective on the date that You decline to accept the updated Membership Agreement.” If you leave, you will lose all your “shares”.

Basically, when you join Agloco, you agree to all their vague terms and conditions which they can change at will, without any specifics nor guarantees on earnings and payouts. Although some maintain that it is not entirely a scam, it’s a scheme without a blueprint, so join with your eyes wide open.