2007/04/04 |

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I would like to introduce a GPT website that is for INTERNATIONAL Members.
Now there are very few GPT sites that can say that.

URL: Incometactics GPT
Program Highlights:
25 cents per free offer ( No Credit Card Needed )
1 dollar per active* referral.

All Payments would be through E-Gold or Paypal within 24 hours and you dont
have to request payment as we automatically pay u for the approved offers.

As of now our website is in Beta Testing ie. we have put up only 4 offers
for you to signup and each offer is worth 25 cents.

Do support us by registering at our website and completing the offers
if you are already not a member of those offer sites.

I assure you that payments would be completed on time and once we get
some response we would be adding offers and other features to the website.

The main motive of Incometactics is to train people in online earning by providing tutorials towards development of online businesses.
So in order to spark intrest in this field we thought of putting together
a Get Paid to Complete Offers Site first so that people can make some
quick money and become more receptive towards our tutorials.

Lets hope I have covered enough to clear all your doubts.

So see you at Incometactics Get Paid to Signup