36-Ceiling Repair

2007/04/05 |

Well now that you have your own home you want to make it completely yours by adding various personal touches. One of the first jobs that you might want to tackle is that of the ceiling. Now if you are dying to give your ceiling an individualized look then painting or repainting is the best way to go about this. However you should first look to see if the ceiling needs to be fixed in any way. When you find these problems ?trust me there will always be a problem, then you should prepare for a ceiling repair job.

Once you have assembled all of the items that you will need, start by cleaning off that section of the ceiling. This is the time that you can judge just how much damage there is. Any small problems like holes in the ceiling can easily be fixed. You will need to find some material like putty or pre-mixed spackle that you can fill the hole with and shape the ends so that your entire ceiling looks physically the same.
The next step that you will need to address is that of giving your ceiling patch the cosmetic look of the rest of the ceiling. For this step, look at the ceiling抯 paint color and buy or mix the colors so that they look like the ceiling paint. The other ceiling repair task that you will have to look at is falling paint. That is right, we are looking for falling paint ?not stars.

When you locate this problem patch, or patches, carefully scrape the cracked and peeling paint off the ceiling. Make sure that the surrounding paint is still smooth and uncracked. Now before you can begin painting the ceiling you will need to prime the surface. For this task use a non-eater based primer or a sealer. Apply this all over the ceiling repair part and wait for it to dry.

You can in the meantime get your paint ready for applying. Now while that part of your ceiling repair is drying out check the rest of the ceilings. Before going on to those tasks you should finish painting your newly fixed ceiling so that it looks just like the rest of the ceiling.
Once this is drying take a walk through the whole of your house and note down the various places that need a ceiling repair. You can get everything ready for your next job or you can wait for another day. After all, you抳e worked hard today and you deserve a rest!