spymac----get cash for your upload

2007/03/26 |

How does this work?
这很简单。我们与您分享我们 从您上传的资料 赚到的钱. 每天(每周5天)和每月的最流行内容所有者分享Spymac的收入!

You can now also win money by simply inviting your friends to the site! You'll get a cut of all the money they make at the end of the month automatically. Learn more about this exciting new feature!

How is it decided who gets the money?
We've developed a complex algorithm that determines who uploads the best content of the day and month. The system looks at factors including: rating, amount of comments, amount of views and the amount of revenue that the uploader has helped us earn.

Do I need to upload daily to win cash daily?
Yes! If you upload something on Monday, you can only win money on Monday. To win money every day, you need to upload every day! On the other hand, you only need to upload something once a month to share in the monthly jackpot.

What are these monthly jackpots?
We pay-out daily jackpots Monday to Friday. Half of this money goes to uploaders like you, and the other half gets added to the monthly jackpot. To increase the monthly jackpot even more, we add *all* the money we make on weekends to it. This jackpot is split with the uploaders who contributed the best and most popular stuff throughout the past month.

How much should I expect to make?
Last month, the top winners earned around US $5,000! A lot of people win between a few hundred dollars, to a few thousand. But don't sweat - even if you don't win that amount, you'll probably make enough to enjoy a dinner and a movie and have some fun and relaxation, simply by uploading interesting stuff on a regular basis. Why upload anywhere else?

Can you give me some tips on how to earn the most amount money possible?
Embed your uploads on your homepage, blog, MySpace, or message boards. This will bring more people to the site and will increase your earnings!
Upload stuff that is unique and interesting! Uploads that are personal, quirky, and fun usually do well.
Spread it out! Tell all your friends about your uploads, and email the links to all your friends and family.
Do not upload any copyrighted material. If you didn't create it, don't upload it!
Do not upload mature or adult material. This is not eligible to win any money.
Upload frequently, and often! But remember, quality is more important than quantity!