reviewme----earn money with blog

2007/03/28 |

Bloggers - get paid to review products and services on your site.
You control what you review.
How it Works
1 Submit your site for inclusion into our ReviewMe publisher network.
Begin by creating a free account using the link below.
2 If approved, your site will enter our ReviewMe marketplace and clients will purchase reviews from you.
3 You decide to accept the review or not.
4 You will be paid $20.00 to $200.00 for each completed review that you post on your site.
Advertisers - get your Web site's products or services reviewed by related Web,and
benefit from valuable exposure, feedback, and viral buzz. See What A Review Looks Like!

How it Works
1 Browse our marketplace of reviewers to find web sites that are relevant to your target audience. Reviews start at $40.00 and are a one-time fee per review.
2 Create a free account, define the products or services that you would like to get reviewed, then purchase some reviews.
3 Your order is sent to the reviewers and they will choose to take on the review or not.
4 You receive notification when each review is completed and published to the reviewer's web site.